Keep your people,

fix their commute

With Scoop, any employer can offer an impactful commute solution that can help to attract and retain talent. 

Carpooling improves the people metrics that matter most


50% say Scoop helps them be more productive and energized at work

Save Time

72% say Scoop saved them time on their commute


92% say Scoop has enabled them to network and exchange ideas with co-workers


70% say Scoop is causing them to stay at their current employer longer

What's Scoop?

Scoop is a fully-managed carpool program for your company. Powered by the Scoop app, and backed by our Customer Success Team, Scoop makes it easy for any organization to implement an impactful commute solution.

The Scoop App

The intuitive Scoop app optimizes your employees’ morning and evening commute. Scoop takes care of everything from routing to matching, and more. 

Reporting and Analytics

Monthly reporting delivered by our Customer Success team ensures that you receive the metrics that matter most to your organization. 

Customized Engagement

Managed on-site events and a proven playbook of operational tactics that drive company-wide adoption.

Why partners choose Scoop

“As a company founded on innovation, we welcomed the chance to partner with an innovative new company like Scoop. Scoop helps us ease the commutes of Workmates.“

Sonia Rose

Director, Employee Programs

“Scoop provides a much-needed carpool matching option for Stanford Research Park. Commuters appreciate the convenience and flexibility that Scoop carpools offer and enjoy meeting new people through the app.”

Jamie Jarvis

Transportation Demand Manager

Elva Huang

HR Business Partner

“Building community and offering unique programs is the best way to attract and retain great talent. Scoop helps us provide our employees with an organic and genuine way to connect with one another on a shared experience.“

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